Custom Coding and Applications

For a number of years now Ken and Stephen have been working together to create unique software to meet the needs of ourselves and our clients.

We can produce software predominantly in Python, but do have an understanding of Java and C as well and would be happy to discuss specific requirements.

With the advent of COVID-19, Ken has been able to pursue paid side contracts organized by Stephen through his existing IT company (
Garstin HE).
Super Image Renamer
February 25, 2022 (Python)

Another application coded by Ken for Stephen's benefit. This simple programme will look in a folder for images with EXIF data, and rename them based on the date in descending units, so it basically renames the photos yymmddhhmmss.

You can define the folder to check in a config.txt file, and then simply run the programme any time afterwards.

Super Mailing List (SML)
Spring 2021 (Python)

Not happy with the choices put out by commercial entities to run a very simple mailing list or discussion group, Stephen asked if Ken was willing to tackle learning how to send and receive email with an automated Python programme that could be run in the background on any small system. Ken came through very quickly with a mockup that he has further fleshed out into a very workable solution! If you need software to run a simple mailing list or discussion group, this is an awesome choice! We're also very responsive to bug reports or feature requests.

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