Web Design Services

After being active in the mid and late 1980s Bulletin Board System scene, Stephen continued to hone his skills through decades of running and maintaining his own website to promote his personal IT business.

Over the years he has helped numerous organisations create and maintain their own presence on the world wide web.

Check out a few of his clients below, and reach out to
stephen@garstin.ca to see what he can do for you!

  • This client requires ongoing, tight integration with third party booking services.
  • The landing page includes extra transparancies, floating elements and a slideshow for increased engagement.
  • This site is constantly updated with new content to reflect the changing attractions of the business.

  • This site is running on a content management system to ensure ease of maintenance for future custodians.
  • Requires updating multiple times a week to keep different content fresh and to reflect the needs of the church.
  • Embedded YouTube link to services, PDF renders of bulletins and services.

  • A regularly updated site to keep up with an ever changing inventory of machines.
  • Hosted on a legacy content management system but still completely supported.

  • A straightforward site with clean lines and information quickly and easily accessible.

  • A yearly updated site that also required integration with a third party booking site.
  • Information is presented in an attractive and concise manner.
  • HTML5 Video is hosted on the same domain, no need for YouTube or Vimeo style redirections.

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